An Example Bard

This is a sample bard.


Human Bard
Strength 1 Body 2 Agility 4 Reaction 4
Logic 2 Intuition 3 Charisma 6 Willpower 3
Luck 5 Magic 2

Astral Beacon

Athletics 1
-Climbing [Str]
-Gymnastics [Agi]
-Running [Str]
-Swimming [Str]
First Aid 1 [Log]
Fencing Blades: Rapier 2(4) [Agi]
Daggers 1 [Agi]
Throwing Knives: Throwing Knives 1(3) [Agi]
Dodge: Melee 1(3) [Rea]
Bows 1 [Agi]
Con 3 [Cha]
Ettiquette 2 [Cha]
Negotiation 2 [Cha]
Music: Guitar 3(5) [Int]
Perception: Listening 1(3) [Int]
Leadership: Commanding Voice 3(5) [Cha]
Palming 1 [Agi]

Adept Powers:
Commanding Voice 1 (.25), Enthralling Performance (.5), Kinesics 1 (.5), Voice Control (.5), Ultrasonic Vision (.25)

Rapier- Reach: 1 Damage: 2P Type: Piercing +1 to Parry, breaks easily.
Maine-Gauche- Reach: +1 Damage: 1P Type: Piercing +1 to parry when not attacking.
Holdout Knife- Reach: 0 Damage: 1P Type: Piercing +1 to conceal
Throwing Knives- x10 Damage: 1P Type: Piercing
Shortbow- Strength: 1 Damage: 1P Type: Piercing
Leather Armor- Rating:2 Bludgeoning:2/Piercing:0/Slashing:2
10 days rations
50’ silk rope
grappling hook
torches x3


Commanding Voice allows him to briefly pull minor jedi mind tricks on people. Enthralling Performance is the classical bardic “Fascination” Ability. Kinesics gives him full control over his social signals, improving his ability at all such things, as well as allowing him a chance to fool magical lie detection. Voice Control allows him to change his voice at will, and to throw his voice as per a ventriloquism spell. Ultrasonic vision is basically like a bat’s sonar ability. It would be fairly easy to increase his magic, allowing him to add further magical abilities, or improve the ones he has. Alternatively, he has a lot of skill areas which could use improvement. He is also extremely lucky, which could be a major boon frequently. Depending on player development decisions he could become a famous musician or a master spy. Or eventually, both.

An Example Bard

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