Armor and Encumbrance

If a character is wearing more than one piece of armor at a time, only the highest value (for either Bludgeoning, Piercing, or Slashing) applies. Note that some armor items, like helmets and shields, provide a modifier to the worn armor rating and so do not count as stacked armor.

Too much armor, however, can slow a character down. If a character’s total armor base rating exceeds his Body, apply a –1 modifier to Agility and Reaction for every 2 points (or fraction thereof ) that his Body is exceeded. Note that this may affect Initiative as well.

If a character is wearing multiple armor items, add their ratings together before comparing to Body.

Armor Base VS. B/P/S
Robes/Clothing 1 1/0/1 Data
Leather 2 2/1/2 Data
Padded 2 2/0/2 Data
Ring mail 3 3/4/4 Data
Studded Leather 3 3/4/5 Data
Scale Mail 4 4/5/4 Data
Hide 4 4/2/4 Data
Brigandine 4 4/5/5 Data
Chain mail 5 3/5/7 Data
Bronze Plate 6 4/6/8 Data
Banded Mail 6 7/6/8 Data
Splint Mail 6 8/7/4 Data
Plate mail 7 7/7/10 Data
Field plate 8 8/9/11 Data
Full plate 9 9/12/13 Data

See also Weapons and Shields.


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