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Based mostly on the Shadowrun 4th Edition rules set, we’ve made a few changes so as to fit into the medieval setting. Consider these to be Errata when using this system. These changes consist mostly of armor and weapons. Starting Skills are limited to a cap of 3, and the use of 300BP should be considered normal to allow for characters development. For a more comprehensive explanation of how to make a character, see Character Creation.

The world is made up of 5 smallish continents, located fairly close to each other with the largest one being central. Sea travel is common, but not necessarily the focus. The 5th continent is known as the sunken lands, and was lost to the sea in a major disaster around five hundred years ago.
The main player races are humans(of course), dwarves, elves, drow, hobbits(yes hobbits, not kender), gnomes(ok they’re kender but thats copyrighted I’m pretty sure :-P), grimmians(goblins), sobexyes(lizardmen), and skuulgard(hobgoblins)
This is an alignment free system/setting, but I may reference it just for simplicity.

Incidentally there are many more half-races, but all are less common, and not generally different enough from the base races to warrant their own description. At the very least none have formed their own society.
Half-humans tend to fill roles members off full-blood races don’t tend towards, I.e. A half-drow would likely become a warrior, or a thief, rather than a mage or cleric like most PC level drow. I think the ideal way to work half-breeds into the system would be through advantages.

Drow Dwarves Elves
Gnomes Grimmians Hobbits
Human Skuulgard Sobexyes
The Praetitiaties The Xerxen Death Cult

The Jungle Beneath

Main Page

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