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  • Weapons

    _*Table Key:*_ _*Damage*:_ All muscle powered weapons are a base of the wielder's strength divided in half, and rounded up. _*Type*:_ Piercing, Bludgeoning, Slashing. When more than one type is listed the user can choose which to use. _*Reach*:_ The …

  • Knives

    Knives are some of the most basic weapons known to man. A simple edge and point on a thin piece of sturdy material. Most are made of metal, but they can be made of almost anything, stone, bone, horn, large hunks of gemstone, you get the idea. This is the …

  • Swords

    Swords are the staple of high fantasy, as well as low fantasy, and pretty much every other kind of fantasy. You all know them. Long, shiny, sharp, pointy. Possible specializations include: [[Shortsword | Shortsword]], [[Longsword | Longsword]], [[Bastard …

  • Axes

    Lizzie Borden took an axe... Axes are good for chopping anything in the way and not much else. Axe users cannot specialize in [[Parry | Parry]], but they can specialize in breaking things. Axes are well suited for cleaving through shields and weapons, or …

  • Maces

    [[Club | Clubs]], [[Light Mace | Light Mace]], [[Heavy Mace | Heavy Mace]], [[Two-handed Club | Two-handed Club]], [[Warmace | Warmace]], [[Subduing | Subduing]]

  • Hammers

    [[Carpenter's Hammer | Carpenter's Hammer]], [[Light Hammer | Light Hammer]], [[Warhammer | Warhammer]], [[Maul | Maul]]

  • Spears

    [[Javelin | Javelin]], [[Short Spear | Short Spear]], [[Spear | Spear]], [[Longspear | Longspear]], [[Awl Pike | Awl Pike]], [[Parrying | Parrying]], [[Tripping | Tripping]]

  • Hatchet

    A hatchet is your basic utility [[Axes | axe]]. It's small, handy, good for chopping firewood, or as a basic light weapon. Many travelers and adventurers carry them just for utility. Damage: (Str/2)+1 Type: Slashing Reach: +1 Minimum Str: 2 Back …

  • Battle Axe

    A battle axe is any single or double-bladed one handed [[Axes | axe]] of around a meter to a meter and a half in length. Many have a spike at the top, allowing the user to stab for piercing damage equivalent to a [[Shortsword | shortsword]]. Damage: ( …

  • Greataxe

    A greataxe is any [[Axes | axe]] of approximately 2 meters in length with an over sized heavy head. They generally require 2 hands to use unless the user possesses immense physical strength. These are a weapon of choice for those who favor an all out …

  • Skinning Knife

    A skinning [[Knives | knife]] is a tool used for (oh shock!) skinning animals. It isn't much of a weapon, generally half a foot in length or less. It would also tend to be a bit on the fragile side. In a pinch it can deal out some nasty cuts, but it's not …

  • Holdout Knife

    Holdout [[Knives | knives]] are small knives meant for surprise attacks or smuggling into areas where weapons are not allowed. They are usually kept in a boot sheath or a hidden arm sheath. They are at +1 to concealment checks. Damage: (Str/2)-1 Type …

  • Camp Knife

    A camp [[Knives | knife]] is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It is used for a variety of tasks around a campsite. In a pinch you could stab somebody with it. Works just fine. Damage: (Str/2)-1 Type: Piercing/Slashing Reach: +1 Minimum Str …

  • Dagger

    A dagger is a long knife, intended for stabbing. Popular among rogues, thieves, brigands, and other ne'er-do-wells. Also a common back-up weapon. Str: (Str/2) Type: Piercing/Slashing Reach: +1 Minimum Str: 1

  • Shortsword

    A light sword usually less than a meter in blade length. Thrusting point and sharpened edges. Popular because it is light and easy to use. Good for agile but weak combatants. Damage: (Str/2)+1 Type: Piercing/Slashing Reach: +1 Minimum Str: 1

  • Bastard Sword

    The bastard [[Swords | sword]], also known as the hand-and-a-half sword, is a heavier [[Longsword | longsword]], often with a few inches in length on the longsword. It has an extended hilt making it easy to use in two hands. Strong folk can wield it in …

  • Greatsword

    A typical big-ass sword. Usually a bit shy of 2 meters in blade length(the hilt may be another 1-2 feet, and the first foot or so of the blade is typically unsharpened and leather wrapped so it can be used as a hilt extension in a pinch, for a short swing …

  • Zweihander

    The biggest heaviest [[Swords | swords]] one is likely to find anywhere. It takes a strong person to even wield one two-handed. Not much longer than a [[Greatsword | greatsword]], but much heavier. They are not generally the sharpest of blades. Typically …

  • Club

    Any chunk of wood or metal you pick up and beat somebody with. Usually around a meter in length. Could be a chair leg, table leg, cane. Simple, common, but not most actual warrior's first pick for a real weapon. Uses the same skill as a [[Maces | mace]]. …

  • Light Mace

    A light [[Maces | mace]] is one step up from a [[Clubs | club]]. Might just be a metal lump at the end of a stick, or could be flanged. About the same length as a club, just heavier and better balanced. Damage: (Str/2)+2 Type: Bludgeoning Reach: +1 …

  • Heavy Mace

    Not much longer than a [[Light Mace | light mace]], but has a significantly heavier [[Maces | mace]] head. Damage: (Str/2)+3 Type: Bludgeoning Reach: +1 Minimum Str: 3

  • Two-handed Club

    Same deal as a [[Club | club]], just with a bigger stick. Usually well over a meter in length. Damage: (Str/2)+3 Type: Bludgeoning Reach: +2 Minimum Str: 3/6 [[Maces | Maces]]

  • Warmace

    A Warmace is a massive [[Maces | mace]]. Not much more to it than that. Usually well over a meter in length. Damage: (Str/2)+4 Type: Bludgeoning Reach: +2 Minimum Str: 5/10

  • Carpenter's Hammer

    It's a [[Hammers | hammer]]. Workers use them to push in nails and such. Not usually much longer than a foot. Not really intended for combat, but can still put a hurt on someone. -1 to parry. Damage: (Str/2)+2 Type: Bludgeoning Reach: 0 Minimum Str 2

  • Light Hammer

    About a half-meter haft. Probably about a 5 pound [[Hammers | hammer]] head. A smith or other metalworker might use the equivalent for his work. Really, really hurts when you hit your thumb with it. Damage: (Str/2)+2 Type: Bludgeoning Reach: +1 …

  • Warhammer

    A Warhammer is a big square-ish chunk of metal on an approximately 1 meter long shaft. Many have a pick on the reverse end for piercing damage. Damage: (Str/2)+3 Type: Bludgeoning Reach: +1 Minimum Str: 5 [[Hammers | Hammers]], [[Weapons | …

  • Maul

    A really big-ass [[Hammers | hammer]]. Takes a really strong person to use even with two hands. Between 1-2 meters in length with a head weight of around 15 pounds. Damage: (Str/2)+4 Type: Bludgeoning Reach: +2 Minimum Str: 6/12

  • Quarterstaves

    A shaft of hardwood from 1.5 to 2.7 meters long, sometimes with a metal tip, ferrule, or spike at one or both ends. If yours has a spike, add the "or P" modifier to damage type. Specializations include [[Staff | Staff]], [[Longstaff | Longstaff]], and …

  • Javelin

    A short [[Spears | spear]], usually 1 to 1 and a half meters in length. Narrow shaft, balanced for throwing, but not terribly sturdy. -1 to hit in melee, and -1 to rolls against breakage. Damage: (Str/2)+1 Type: Piercing Reach: +1 Minimum Str: 1/2

  • Short Spear

    It's a [[Spears |spear]], a pointy bit on a stick. usually around a meter and a half in length. Usually wielded in one hand, with a [[Shields | shield]] in the off hand. Popular for phalanxes. +1 to parry when used two-handed. Can be thrown with a fair …

  • Spear

    One of the simplest of [[Weapons | weapons]]. A sharp rock tied to a long stick, you have yourself a [[ Spears | spear]]. Also popular for phalanxes. +1 to [[Parry | parry]] when used in two-hands. Can be thrown, but somewhat awkwardly. Damage: (Str/2 …

  • Longspear

    A longer-hafted [[Spears | spear]]. Primarily used for stopping cavalry charges. Pretty much useless once an enemy closes to within normal melee ranges. The standard tactic would be to drop it and draw a light [[Weapons | weapon]] once the general melee …

  • Pike

    The pike is an extremely long [[Spears | spear]], varying considerably in size, from 4.5 to 7.5 meters long. It has a wooden shaft with an iron or steel spearhead affixed. The shaft near the head is often reinforced with metal strips called "cheeks" or …

  • Flails

    Flails are a classical [[Weapons | weapon]], though they take a fair amount of training to use. Also known as Morning Stars. Basically a chain with a weight at the end. Most have a handle too. Handy for bending around defenses. Apply a -2 reduction to …

  • Staff

    A basic upgrade on the [[Club| club]]. A narrow length of hardwood, usually close to the length of the user. Most average a little under 2 meters in length. It can be as simple as a long walking stick, or shod with metal caps. Some users alternatively put …

  • Longstaff

    A longstaff is the same as any other [[Quarterstaves | staff]], but generally close to a meter longer. Much trickier to use, but the reach advantage it grants can be a tremendous boon. Like other staves it grants a bonus to [[Parry | parry]], but only a + …

  • Maine-Gauche

    A long [[Dagger | dagger]] which has an oversized guard, specifically intended for [[Parry | parrying]]. You can stab with it, using the [[Knives | Knives]] skill or the [[Fencing Weapons | Fencing Weapons]] skill, but most just use it for parrying. If …

  • Rapier

    The rapier is a fancy [[Swords | sword]]. Extremely light, thin, flexible piercing blade. A wielder who knows how to use [[Swords | Swords]] can use it with that skill (it's not that different from a shortsword), but does not gain the +2 to disarm that a …

  • Saber

    There are two kinds of saber. One is a cavalry sword, a heavy hacking blade, which can easily be reflected as a [[Longsword | longsword]]. The other kind of saber is a lighter [[Swords | sword]]. Extremely light, thin, flexible cut-and-thrust blade. A …

  • Stiletto

    Also known as a misericorde, meaning mercy. A stiletto is a short [[Knives | knife]] or [[Dagger | dagger]] with a long slender blade of various designs primarily used as a stabbing [[Weapons | weapon]]. Its narrow shape, ending in a rigid pointed end, …

  • Throwing Knives

    Knives are some of the most basic [[Weapons | weapons]] known to man. A simple edge and point on a thin piece of sturdy material. Most are made of metal, but they can be made of almost anything, stone, bone, horn, large hunks of gemstone, you get the idea …

  • Bows

    A bow is a flexible arc that shoots aerodynamic projectiles (arrows) by means of elastic energy. Essentially, the bow is a form of spring powered by a string or cord. As this string is drawn, energy is stored in the flexible limbs of the bow; the energy …

  • Crossbows

    Crossbows have a minimum strength requirement, but attacks are not penalized for strength below the minimum. Instead, reloading time is increased. At base, crossbows take one round to reload, except for the heavy crossbow, which takes 2. If your strength …

  • Shepherd's Sling

    A basic [[Slings | sling]], usually made and used by peasants to protect themselves and their livestock from wolves and other predators. Two leather strips, joined by a leather pocket. Put a round stone in the pocket, spin it around, release one strip at …

  • Warsling

    A heavily re-enforced and lengthened version of the [[Shepherd's Sling | shepherd's sling]]. Primarily used by [[Hobbits | hobbit]] militias. Damage: (Str/2)+1 Type: Bludgeoning Range: X1-5-10-30 Minimum Str: 3

  • Slings

    Slings are an upgrade on your basic thrown [[Weapons | weapon]]. Uses very basic principles to increase the momentum of a projectile. Includes [[Shepherd's Sling | Shepherd's Sling]], [[Warsling | Warsling]], [[Staff Sling | Staff Sling]], and [[Bola | …

  • Staff Sling

    The staff sling is a [[Slings | sling]] on the end of a short staff. It can be used as a [[Club | club]], and the addition of the staff allows a larger payload to be launched from it. The biggest benefit of this is the ability to throw flasks and vials to …

  • Melee Test(Weapons)

    _*Table Key:*_ see below table. See also [[Armor | Armor]], [[Shields | Shields]], and [[Ranged Weapons | ranged weapons]]. (Dual use weapons are listed in both places for convenience.)

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