Every living creature, and even undead have an Aura. This is basically the field of energy generated by the creature’s spirit and body. If any changes occur to either it effects the aura. The aura is visible when viewing a creature through the astral plane. The auras of magically active creatures are easily distinguishable from those of the mundane. Aura is life energy. There are certain kinds of creatures which may feed off of this form of energy. A creature whose aura is devoured by such a creature will swiftly grow weak, and may die if the feeding is not stopped. Creatures which die due to this affect may, depending on the circumstances, regain a semblance as life, either as an undead or some form of minion to the creature which drained it.

Other disruptions to the aura tend to complicate the flow of energy around the creature. For example, most magic items work directly on the user’s aura to enable the magical abilities. Losing a body part will more or less permanently damage the aura, though it will heal to a degree over time. Disruption to the aura due to worn or carried magical items is known as Aura Disruption.

Unlike the other Attributes, Aura begins at 6, and cannot be increased. Lost body parts reduce aura permanently. Aura loss begins at double the listed amount, healing to the listed amount by .05 per week. There are any number of ritual and treatments claiming to hasten the recovery, but actual effectiveness of such treatments is entirely up the GM. Aura loss due to body part loss may, at the GM’s option, be fully healed if the body part is somehow restored to its natural state.

Note that if a creature’s aura drops to 0, it suffers any ill-effects the GM feels like. This can include, but is not limited to insanity or death. PC characters whose aura drops to 0 should, unless circumstances dictate otherwise, immediately become NPCs under the GM’s control should they survive the ordeal at all.


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